Greenberry Organics Raw Shea Butter with Vanilla Oil for Skin, Hair, Face & Body (100g)

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  • ORGANIC & PURE BLEND OF SHEA BUTTER: Made with the wonder combination of pure, organic and ivory blend shea butter and organic vanilla oil this Shea Butter is super hydrating, moistening and rich in natural nutrients.
  • MULTI PURPOSE USAGE: Apply on scalp, hair, face and body. This multi purpose shea butter is perfectly suitable for all skin and scalp types. Doesn’t leaves any oil behind is perfectly suitable for oily and acne prone skin too.
  • DIVE INTO THE ORGANIC GOODNESS: Nurture your skin’s naturals and organic texture. This butter not only hydrates but the super anti-oxidants properties goes deep inside the skin tissues and repair the skin from inside. Feel the glide with every application and observe a supple and soft skin.
  • NATURAL & WHOLESOME GOODNESS: Nothing works better on your skin then the organic goodness of pure shea butter which feels heavenly with the organic Vanilla oil to soothe your senses and soften your skin. This butter is your one stop solution for a smooth, shiny and healthy skin.
  • GREENBERRY TRUST: The Greenberry trust ensures that we have the best and nothing else. Made with the wholesome goodness of only and only natural ingredients and actives which are action oriented and does not cause any allergic reactions to the skin
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