STARQ W5 210 Bar 2200W Heavy Portable High-Pressure Car Washer

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STARQ W5 210 Bar Heavy Portable High-Pressure Car Washer
Starq w5 210 bar heavy pressure washer for home use

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Cleaning and maintaining your cars, bikes and house is easy and fun with the STARQ W5  210 Bar and 2200W  heavy duty high pressure washer. This washer can be connected to a number of accessories for fast and efficient cleaning. It can be employed in washing your cars, watering flowers, cleaning bathrooms, windows, floor, air conditioner filters, and more.

STARQ W5 Product Features :-

  • 2200 Watts Heavy duty Induction Copper winding motor & Enclosed body for protection generates 210 Bar maximum pressure
  • Long service life: sturdy and reliable, crankshaft-driven brass pump with ceramic-coated pistons. Motor type: Induction
  • Versatile: Self-Priming & Auto stop function to pump water from buckets or storage tanks.
  • Low-noise operation: autostop technology switches the motor and pump off automatically when the trigger is released.
  • Venturi system, AutoStop, Self-intake function, Pressure gauge, Variably adjustable fan spray lance, Water filter

STARQ W5 Specification :-

Powerful Motor Unit –  The motor of this compact yet powerful washer has a rated power of 2200 watts. It has high quality induction copper winding that has a completely enclosed body for protection and long lasting reliable performance.

Long Hose Pipe – The washer is provided with a long hose pipe for convenience and ease of movement. It is 08 metres long and allows to walk farther from the pump and without having to remove it or plug it in a different location.

Functional Attachments – The washer is provided with multiple attachments to help you in your cleaning tasks. It comes with a detergent attachment, extension rod, filter attachment, fitting attachment and an ergonomic water gun.

Self-Priming Motor – This machine works on the Venturi system which facilitates self-priming. It can also help in drawing water from buckets, taps or storage tanks. It evacuates the air in the suction line automatically.

Lightweight and Portable – This is a handy and portable machine. It can be moved easily from one place to another and its size is such that it can easily fit into the trunk of your car. It does not require more space for storage and operation.

Multipurpose – The washer can help in more than just cleaning your automobiles. It is effective in cleaning the floor, watering flowers, windows, AC filters, carpets etc. It can also be used to remove the dust and impurities from almost any surface.

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Pros & Cons of Starq W5 210Bar 2200W Heavy Pressure Washer

  • High Pressure
  • Portable
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Pressure is Adjustable
  • Silent induction Morter
  • After Sales
  • Foan gun to purchase seperately

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