StarQ W6 2400 Watt 210 Bar Heavy Duty Pressure Washer

Deal Score+2
Deal Score+2

Pressure washers make time talking cleaning work much more comfortable than wasting hours in cleaning the dirt, grime which you can’t clean with simple motor pumps at home. Pressure Washer can be handy while cleaning cars, SUVs, Motorcycles, and bicycles. Check Out our Review of StarQ W6 2400 Watt Pressure Washer, which is going to help you clean and save your money.

Not only can they clean also they can help you save your time as well as money. It will finish an hour of cleaning in just 20-25 minutes quickly without going anywhere.

Pressure can be beneficial in cleaning your cars easily without talking it to car-washing shops, which will take time and money. Not only can you clean your car, but it can also clean the dirt at your garden and other objects which requires a pressure washer. 

StarQ W6 2400 Watt 135 Bar High Pressure Review

StarQ is a well-known pressure washer brand in India, they recently launched their new 2400 watt high pressure washer in their W series to JPT 2400 Watt Pressure washer. StarQ W6 is an electric pressure, and it’s a budget-friendly pressure washer that fits under your budget .

StarQ W6 2400 Watt

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Let’s talk about the performance of StarQ W6 high-pressure washer is powered with a huge 2400 Watt motor which generates a pressure amount of 210 bars which is enough to clean the dirt stains from your car oil and grease from garages, road tar, terrace, pavements, etc. It can deliver 560L/h Water per hour which is our cleaning purposes. This Powerful performance can clean a SUV Car in just 15min or less than that.

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The machine is a bit heavy as the motor is made of copper winding but when it comes to the power of the machine then weight doesn’t matter at all.

It has an enclosed & compact body design that makes it easy to carry around, also it can easily fit into small places. It can easily be fitted inside the cupboard inside your garage.

The machine is also power-efficient as it comes with auto-stop technology which can save more energy and cuts your electricity bill. The motor is inside the Pressure washer is quite silent and produces less noise.
Well, for many of us water availability is also a problem so it has a Feature called self-priming. In this feature,  machine sucks out water from any available source near to you.

These days mostly pressure washer provides less warranty with their products but this is not the case with StarQ W6 they are providing 1-year warranty and 10 days replacement policies if you got any manufacturing fault.

StarQ W6 comes with also with accessories like 8M long hose pipe, extended rod attachment, fitting attachment, and filter. A user manual is also provided inside the box which provides all the information of the machine.

  • 210 Bar Water Pressure
  • 2400 Watt
  • Self-priming
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Less noisy
  • Bit Heavy
  • Wheels not available

Starq W6 can be used for washing Cars ?

Yes, because all the pressure comes with the maximum of 1200-1500 PSI which doesn't harm any part including the paint of the car.

What accessories are included with this Pressure washer ?

Most of the useful accessories like pipe, powerful gun, hose, lance, 3-in-1 nozzle, power cable, brushes, spray bottle, transparent water filter

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Can you use this pressure Washer for Sanitizing ?

Yes, Definitely you can use it for sanitizing your home, office, and other places. It can be helpful in cleaning Surfaces to remove the harmful viruses on the ground.

  1. How many time all jpt 2400 car wash accesries with 5 nozzles kit

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  3. What would you recommend between these 4 pressure washers ( need max pressure )
    JPT 2400
    StarQ W6
    Vantro 1800
    JPT F8

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